Low GI nutritional supplements based on 25 years of research.


Fatigue can significantly affect an individual’s capacity to function. It’s side effects include decreased performance and productivity, and increased potential for errors of judgement and injuries to occur.

Poor lifestyle habits in combination with extreme workplace conditions can cause chronic fatigue, which can be a direct contributor to injury and illness.

Our low GI nutritional supplements provide a quick and easy solution to fatigue management. They are based on 20 years of research in the mining industry, and they combat fatigue and dehydration.

50% of mine workers arrive at work with dangerously low blood sugar levels leading to fatigue, confusion, and lack of coordination… according to the latest research by a major mining group.

Smart risk assessors offer optimum nutrition to their workforce via our nutritional supplements, leading to higher productivity, increased motivation, and fewer incidents.

We have 2 main Fatigue Pack options but we can custom make a solution for you company.
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A worker that is HEALTHY, ENERGISED and FOCUSED…. is an investment in safety and health with proven benefits to PRODUCTIVITY

  • 30 million Full-Shift Fatigue packs issued to major mines workforces since 2012
  • Our range has a choice of flavours to Minimise Flavour Fatigue
  • Single serve sachets only requiring water to be added.
  • Electrolytes to assist dehydration
  • High Vitamin C.
    • Helps fight heat stress
    • Boosts immune system funtion
  • Low GI Nutrition ensures sustainable energy throughout the shift
  • Full compliment of all essential nutrients to boost worker nutritional status
  • Tailor made Fatigue Packs to suit the shift.
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Absenteeism levels are reduced

The Low GI Fatigue Pack

Sustainable Energy throughout the shift

Supa Shake
Supa Energy
Supa Soup
High Protein Bar


The standard Fatigue pack consists of 2 x SUPA SHAKE + 2 x SUPA ENERGY DRINKS

Designed to sustain energy for a full 8 - 10 hour shift.


The standard Fatigue pack consists of 1 x SUPA SHAKE + 4 x SUPA ENERGY DRINKS and 1 x PROTEIN BAR

Designed to sustain energy for a full 10 - 12 hour shift.

Low Gi Nutritional Supplements

Tested and proven in the workplace – Helping fight fatigue with delicious nutritional supplements.

Wellness and Productivity through nutrition is your most important Safety Equipment.


We have put together an extensive collection of articles that covers our research on why nutritional supplements are needed, the legal requirements for industry and various interest topics that explain the problems of fatigue and the solution nutrition offers.

Plugging the gap

An overview: Anglo American looks at how nutrition affects shift workers.  Why South Africans are Fat but Hungry and info on BBBEE Codes of good practice.

The perfect storm

Mining and industry may have created “The Perfect Storm” with Live out loud allowances, guaranteeing a negative result in productivity and increased absenteeism.

Shift workers

Whether you work as a courier, an ambulance or truck driver, or a company rep, chances are that at some point you will have experienced driver fatigue. We offer a solution to get you home safely.

BBBEE Codes of good practice

The Mining Charter is but one example of multiple legislative issues that need to be complied with regards the companies responsibility to supply adequate nutrition.

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