Is fatigue ruining your life? And affecting the lives of your loved ones negatively?

Now’s the time to take control and make decisions that will positively impact on you and your loved ones happiness and future outlook on life – yes it’s that serious.

A simple definition of Fatigue

Unfortunately fatigue has many causes, some of which need medical support or intervention. But the first decision it really needs is a positive mind set from you, to do something about identifying the root causes of your fatigue, and then you tackling those issues, like a military maneuver, one by one until you change back to your old self, and make everyone around you relieved and much happier. Which in turn, will make you much happier too.

  • Step one – Recognize that you are what you eat or drink. Having done that, take the time to write down the day to day regimen you are following regards your food and drink intake. You are going to be surprised, and may find one of those “root causes” of your, and your loved ones fatigue causing stress. If so you can and must do something about rectifying the daily family menu, to include a regimen that makes sense from a professional view [Read more]
  • Step two – Involve those in your life, tell them what you are trying to do and get everyone on board to the goal of a happier life. Plan your interesting menu`s together and buy the necessary ingredients ahead of time, including supplements to ensure the provision of all the essential nutrients needed to fight fatigue irrespective of the root cause. When you have started, you and yours will be battle ready, to begin conquering fatigue.
  • Step three – consult your doctor to make sure it’s not a medical condition requiring medical intervention. But go in positively, tell the Doctor what you are planning, and tell him you are starting by structuring a eating plan to a healthy outcome, that provides everyone with the fuel to get through the day comfortably – because you are what you eat.
  • Step four – Make the decision to go Low GI in your menu planning, it’s a game changer decision, simply because it provides 4-5 hours of sustainable energy to the body, against High GI foods that provide you with approximately one hour of the energy you need to get through your day. [Read more about Low GI/vs High GI].


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