Eat smart, work right

Nutrition for commercial drivers

Increase your energy and improve your sleep with smart food choices.

Whether you work as a courier, an ambulance or truck driver, or a company rep, chances are that at some point you will have experienced driver fatigue (i.e. feeling very tired) out on the road. While most people experience tiredness at work at one time or another, certain workers are more at risk than others, especially those who drive as part of their job.

Everyone knows that the best way to avoid or manage feeling tired is to have enough sleep. However, did you know that eating and drinking the right foods can help you manage how sleepy or tired you feel? This in turn affects how safe you are at work, especially on the road.

shiftworkerlogoThe information in this booklet is designed to help you make choices about what you eat and when so that you can arm yourself with useful facts to keep yourself – and others – as safe as possible when you’re on the road.

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For over 20 years Back To Basics has been involved in the development of nutrition solutions for South African miners. We specialise in formulating and supplying structured products designed to fit client nutritional needs for their workforces, taking into account existing legislation and clients Corporate Fatigue Management Plan.