Back to Basics – Nutrition offers pre and mid-shift supplements.

Our supplements take into account all of the requirements specified in the Fatigue Management Guidelines to Nutritional Supplementation of the workforce .

Pre-shift shakes and mid-shift drinks developed to build good health and fight fatigue.

The supplement drink is safe for all ages and even assists those with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or other chronic conditions like HIV/Aids or cancer.

Read more [Typical analysis of 100g powder of shakes and drinks]

  • Delicious nutritious shakes including flavors of banana, strawberry, lime and chocolate
  • Delicious and nutritious drinks including flavors of Ginger beer, Orange and blue ice.

 In packaging to suit the conditions in which your workforce is operating.

  • Sachets – easy to carry and utilise
  • Storage and contamination
  • Storage and distribution options

Programme Support:

  • Shaker bottles/18 hour flasks/shoulder bags to carry shakers /flasks and supplements [visuals]
  • Leaflets in English and local language [visuals]
  • Pre-packs for daily, weekly and monthly issue.
  • Tasting sessions to determine worker preferences [visuals]
  • Occupational Health Nursing Staff nutrition training
  • Dietetic services [biggest loser/HIV/Aids days/SHEQ days talks and seminars
  • Distribution options