Tested and Proven in the Workplace – Helping Fight Fatigue

Back to Basics nutritional supplements are the result of 20 years research and service to the mining industry. They are nutritionally balanced and have a tested and proven taste acceptance across all cultures.

Back to Basics supplements offer the advantage of sustained energy release over a period of 4 to 5 hours against traditional supplements that are sugar based [High GI] and which provide energy for approximately only one hour, followed by a feeling of exhaustion and hunger.

With productivity being the essential business requirement the advantage provided by our Low GI supplements is critical.
Fatigue pack

Our supplements are also convenient and easy to carry and consume on the job, encourage fluid intake and one product suits all! Safe for all ages, healthy or suffering from an existing Lifestyle health condition, as well as being safe for gluten and lactose intolerant workers.

The Low GI Shake

A Pre and Mid Shift Supplement

Ideally, the Low GI Shake should be provided pre and mid-shift, when taking into account recent research demonstrating upwards of 50% of the workforce are arriving on the job in a hypoglycaemic state.

Because of the Shake ingredients [protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, fibre and electrolytes], the pre-shift dose stabilises blood sugar levels, provides sustainable energy and puts the worker in a position to carry the required workload for 4 to 5 hours.

FLAVOURS: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla-Choc, Phuzamandla

The Low GI Energy Drink

A Mid–Shift Electrolyte Supplement

The drink is designed to complement the pre–shift Shake by ensuring the product continues to provide the sustainable energy required. by the worker for the rest of the workday.

Constituents include Carbohydrates, sucrose, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in a delicious Low GI format that encourages fluid intake and provides 4 to 5 hours of sustainable energy. It is recommended that a mid-shift drink be utilised every 3 to 4 hours depending on the length of the shift.

FLAVOURS: Blue Ice, Orange, Tutti Frutti, Ginger Beer, Creme soda


Keep warm – keep healthy – keep hydrated

Try Back To Basics’ new energy sustaining, protein- and vitamin-enriched, delicious warm savoury drink that sustains energy, prevents dehydration, and boosts immune systems

With winter fast approaching we are excited to remind you of our recently launched Supa Soup.

Use the Supa Soup to ensure stable blood sugar levels, where time does not permit for a meal (e.g. lunch / dinner) to be eaten.

FLAVOURS: Chicken or Beef


A Mid–Shift Electrolyte Supplement

A high energy protein bar that is the perfect Low GI meal replacement that can be added to a Fatigue Pack.  Use the High Energy Protein Bars to ensure stable blood glucose levels when there’s not time for a meal.  Being high in protein the bar is perfect for muscle repair, contains Vitamins and minerals and is high in fibre and prebiotics for improved colon function and satiety.

BAR FLAVOURS: Peanut Crunch, Berry Crunch

The Low GI Fatigue Pack

Sustainable Energy throughout the shift


The standard Fatigue pack consists of 2 x SUPA SHAKE + 2 x SUPA ENERGY DRINKS

Designed to sustain energy for a full 8 - 10 hour shift.


The standard Fatigue pack consists of 1 x SUPA SHAKE + 4 x SUPA ENERGY DRINKS and 1 x PROTEIN BAR

Designed to sustain energy for a full 10 - 12 hour shift.


The benefits are more than we can fit in the list but here’s a few

  • 4 -5  hours of sustained energy release
  • Electrolytes to help maintain hydration and concentration
  • High levels of Protein to maintain constant blood glucose [energy] levels and build stamina.
  • The correct Vitamins and minerals to maintain good bodily functions
  • 250mg of vitamin C to comply with legislation pertaining mine workers.
  • Proven taste acceptance across all cultures black and white.
  • Variety of tastes of delicious milkshakes and drinks [not porridge] to prevent product consumption fatigue.
  • One product to suit all – safe whether you are young, older, healthy or may be suffering from conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or other chronic conditions like HIV/Aids or cancer.



Due to many environmental and socio-economic factors, shift workers have poor immune systems

Research shows that shift workers generally lead unhealthy lifestyles

Unhealthy lifestyles including poor/inadequate nutrition puts one at significant risk of contracting the coronavirus

Research shows that shift workers are NOT consuming immune-boosting nutrients

Due to Lockdown and inaccessibility of resources (money/transport) shift workers are arriving at work hungry