Fatigue Management Guidelines to Nutritional Supplements

Decision one – Choose a Low GI supplement 

  • Providing the worker 4/5 hours of sustained energy release per supplement drink. As against High GI products which supply only one hour of peaked energy release, followed by crash in blood glucose levels.


Decision two – When you give Supplements

Choose a pre-shift supplement to stabilise the workers blood glucose levels before their shift, for safety, cost and health. Choose a Low GI mid-shift supplement at 3/4 hourly intervals, depending on the length of the shift.

Choose the pre-shift and mid-shift supplements carefully, using the following criteria

  • The pre-shift supplement needs to be almost a meal replacer that provides a Low GI product in powder form to be mixed with cold water, to encourage fluid consumption.
  • Containing high levels of protein, which is mainly missing from the workers regular diet because of cost, but which is essential to the stabilization of blood glucose pre-shift, and which provides stamina to perform the work load. 
  • Containing electrolytes to hydrate the worker and combat heat stress, and to comply with legislation which specifies a minimum of 2 liters of potable water be available to the worker every day on the job, the supplement provided should be mixed with cold water.
  • Containing the correct levels of vitamins and minerals essential to the promotion of good body functions. Including high levels of Vitamin C [250mg daily as specified by SIMRAC the Chamber of Mines research unit]. 
  • Good fats 
  • Fibre 
  • Taste 
  • Reduced hunger
  • Packaging must be easy to use
  • No ingredients that are not medically and dietetically proven
  • Safe to use

The mid-shift supplements at 3 to 4 hourly interval’s also need to be in a drink format [powder to be mixed with cold water], and should contain;

  • Low GI ingredients for a sustained energy release over 4 to 5 hours, and a stabilized blood glucose level.
  • Electrolytes to maintain hydration of the worker
  • A variety of great tasting flavours to encourage consumption and prevent product fatigue
  • Fibre to give continuity to a feeling of fullness that controls hunger pangs, and reduces intake of skaf tins High GI products.
  • No ingredients that are not medically and dietetically proven
  • Safe to use.