The Covid-19 pandemic has undeniably had a profound impact on all mines and industry in SA and our neighboring countries.  We are acutely aware of the economic impact on your company, and also of the risk to all your employees.

As such I would like to draw your attention to some specific health and safety issues with specific reference to the coronavirus, and ways in which Back To Basics can offer you support:


  • Is responsible for fighting viral and bacterial infections such as Covid-19 (Coronavirus);
  • Those who live healthy lifestyles (eat healthily, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, do not smoke, do not drink excessively and manage stress), have stronger immune systems than those that lead unhealthy lifestyles (poor diet, minimal/no exercise, insufficient sleep, smoke/drink excessively, and are unable to manage stress);
  • Healthy people contracting Covid-19 or any viral infection will be able to fight the infection more effectively and will experience fewer and/or less critical symptoms, and will recover far more quickly, than those who are unhealthy.


  • Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals found in fresh fruit and veggies) are essential in fighting infection. The best infection fighters are: vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, and the minerals iron, selenium, and zinc;
  • FIBRE (found in wholegrains, fruits, veggies – all often lacking in sufficient quantities in daily diets)


Fact: Due to many environmental and socio-economic factors, shift workers have poor immune systems

Fact: Research shows that shift workers generally lead unhealthy lifestyles

Fact:  Unhealthy lifestyles including poor/inadequate nutrition puts one at significant risk of contracting the coronavirus
Fact:   Research shows that shift workers are NOT consuming immune-boosting nutrients
Fact:   Due to Lockdown and inaccessibility of resources (money/transport) shift workers are arriving at work hungry


  • That 90% of South Africa’s shift workers eat a very poor diet – causing them to be unhealthy in one way or another. As such they are at huge risk for contracting the coronavirus, amongst other infectious diseases; 
  • Average intake of Vitamin C (immune-boosting vitamin) in shift workers is 3mg/day. The NRV for Vitamin C is 100mg/day (the bare minimum one needs to be healthy); 
  • The average intake of other immune-boosting vitamins and minerals is <10% of what it should be; 
  • The average intake of fibre is 5-8g/day (minimum daily recommended requirement is 25-30g/day).

Poor nutrition and poor health causes low energy levels, low levels of concentration, low morale, increased risk of contracting illness such as flu / coronavirus / pneumonia, increased absenteeism and decreased productivity.

We have 30 YEARS of expertise in SHIFT WORKER NUTRITION

  • We recognize the problem of poor diet and the negative consequences of this on health
  • As such have developed products specifically for shift workers in mining and all other industries:
    • Supa Shake 
    • Supa Energy Drink
    • Supa Soup
    • High Protein bars
    • Fatigue Packs


  • Improving immune systems with an improved ability to fight Coronavirus and other diseases (due to the high levels of fibre, infection-fighting vitamins & minerals, and very high levels of Vitamin C in the products); 
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels; 
  • Improving energy and concentration levels.

Sufficient stock of Back To Basics Products
Please ensure that your stock levels of Back To Basics products are sufficient to ensure that all shift workers (now all classified as high health risk, not only a select few) receive their daily quota whilst on shift.