Biggest-Loser-Style Weight Loss Programe

  • From 8 weeks to 6 months
  • Groups of 5-10 individuals compete both individually and against other groups to lose weight
  • Each Group member has a one-on-one consultation with a dietician, after which an individualized eating plan is prepared for the member.
  • A comprehensive folder, complete with health check (blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, anthropometrics), eating plan, progress charts, and weekly talks/pamphlets on various dietary and lifestyle management tips, is provided.
  • A kit bag with useful tools (including measuring cups, therabands, and stationery) is also provided.
  • Weekly weigh-ins are done at a weekly meeting; whereupon the “talk of the week” is given by the Dietician to her Group.
  • Individualized support is provided by the Dietician to her Group members where necessary
  • Individualized exercise programs can also be provided for Group members.
  • Where necessary, all equipment, such as a scale customized for Biggest Loser-Style programs, can also be supplied.

Biggest loser at Sischen Mine

The importance of living a healthy lifestyle is a key focus area for Sischen mine. To have a healthy body, you must control your weight. Although being overweight is a very serious concern, contestants of Sischen Mine’s Biggest Loser competition, found weight-loss to be a fun journey.

The Biggest Loser competition by Back to Basics Nutrition and Dieticians at Work was launched in June and is one of the initiatives on the Sischen Mine promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The competition consists of four teams of ten people each competing for the title of “biggest Loser”. The four Biggest loser teams (Red, Yellow, Green and Blue) each have their own dietician who guides and supports them during the competition. The participants received a customized menu from their dietitians and their progress is monitored during weekly weigh-in sessions.

Sue Scharf, praised all the participants for their effort to lose weight. She reminded them of their important 5 finger rule of weight loss that entails:

  1. The thumb (the fattest finger):
    Do not eat any fat. When preparing food use methods like boiling, baking or steaming. Do not cook in oil.
  2. Second finger (holding up two fingers):
    Remember to drink at least two glasses of water every day, more is even better.
  3. Third finger (tallest finger):
    Most of your foods should come from food groups that are high in fibre, for example whole grains, low-GI bread and plenty of fruit and vegetables. The more fibre in your diet, the more energy in your body.
  4. Fourth finger (weakest finger):
    Lots of exercise will get your heart rate up, which is good for burning fat.
  5. Fifth finger:
    Eat five meals a day. Three main meals with two snacks in between.

I have never been a small person, but when I gained more weight because of my eating habits, I realized that something had to be done. I never imagined entering such a competition before but was encouraged by Sister Nicky at the occupational health centre to enter.: Richard follows his menu plan very strictly and drinks green tea. He exercises a lot and his private spot for this is the cemetery because there is no one to laugh or stare at him. “My goal is to get rid of all my body fat and especially my love handles. I know this summer will be a great one for me because I will be able to fit into all my summer clothes.

Richard Andreas

winner of the Green

The winner of the Yellow team, better known as “bricks:, has been struggling with his weight for four years and he heard about the competition from his foreman during a caucus meeting. Weight loss has been working on but the weight always seemed to return.

the competition came at just the right time as I was feeling very bad about being overweight:, says Bricks. His favorite exercise is jogging and he drinks a lot of water. His advice for other people struggling with their weight is to start eating healthy, exercise regularly and drink sufficient amount of water.


Winner of the yellow team