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Mining and Industry in South Africa

Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining and Industrial sector

50% of mine workers have dangerously low blood sugar levels leading to fatigue, confusion and lack of co-ordination… according to latest research by a major mining group.

Smart risk assessors offer optimum nutrition to its workforce via nutritional supplements, logically leading to higher productivity, increased motivation and fewer incidents. The fuel you put in dictates performance.

Back to Basics nutrition supplements  fed in excess of 10 million portions to mine workers in the last 8 years. We have had no negative reports and continue to provide assurance of safety for all healthy workers as well as those suffering lifestyle diseases. Back to Basics – Nutrition Low GI range suits all, alleviating the need to provide different supplements for those workers suffering lifestyle illnesses.

We believe this has made a contribution to mining safety and increased productivity in the South African mining industry.

Plugging the Gap

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The Perfect Storm

In taking advantage of getting out of hospitality (hostels), by offering live out allowances to the workforce, mining and industry may have created “The Perfect Storm”, guaranteeing a negative result in productivity and increased absenteeism. Looking back...

Shift workers

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BBBEE Codes of good practice

BEE codes of good practice, Department of Trade and Industry codes and charters for different sectors. The Mining Charter is but one example of multiple legislative issues that need to be complied with regards the companies responsibility to supply adequate nutrition...

Why South Africans are Fat but Hungry

ARTICLE BY: Wilma Stassen, originally appeared on page 8 – The Independent Science Section – 4 April 2015 About 40% of the population eats food with so little nutrition that they are malnourished – and its affecting our health and productivity. Food is a...

Wellness and Productivity through nutrition is your most important Safety Equipment.